Green Screen

Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) is a Zero Waste Council committed to developing an integrated waste management system that diverts significant quantities of material from landfill to alternative and more sustainable waste management options.

QLDC in association with Film Otago Southland, launchedGreen Screen Guide and Directory tailor-made for the region and reflecting the national industry’s highly regarded, cutting edge ‘green screen’ philosophy.
“The key appeal of shooting international movies in our region is the pristine environment. The council has now produced a first class insurance policy to keep it that way and the film industry is right behind that move,” Film Queenstown manager Kevin Jennings said.
The initiative was successfully trialled in 2007-08 after the producers of the movie Wolverine (filmed in and around Queenstown) volunteered to participate.


This Green Screen Guide & Directory aims to help you make your production as green and environmentally friendly as possible and provides useful ideas and tips which may be adaptable to any film production

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To download a case study on Wolverine click here