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Importing & Customs clearance    ATA Carnet

New Zealand has a full and extensive range of film equipment available for hire at very competitive prices - importing is not necessary.

For specialist equipment, motor vehicles and other non-consumable items, the following import options are available:
-    An experienced freight forwarding company will have an arrangement in place with New Zealand Customs Service that is most effective and efficient. This allows for the temporary importing of non-consumable items without attracting Goods and Services Tax (GST), bonds or duty, providing these goods are returned to the country of export at the end of the production period. If preferred, a carnet can be used for the temporary import of all film equipment, motor vehicles and non-consumable items.
-    Use a Temporary Admissions of Goods when you arrive in New Zealand. The goods are assessed for duty and Goods and Services Tax (GST), and this is paid to New Zealand Customs (credit cards may be used). The money is refunded by New Zealand Customs when the goods leave the country. This option is generally suitable for smaller value items
-    Motor vehicles can be imported into New Zealand under certain guidelines, contact the NZ Transport Agency.

Importing Animal, Vegetable & Food Products
-    As an island nation, New Zealand has been able to keep itself free of many plant and animal diseases that are common worldwide. The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) is responsible for protecting New Zealand borders from such threats. For this reason, there are restrictions on importing certain foods, agricultural products and animals.
Special permissions:
MPI has been most helpful in the past in assisting productions to bring in items that may not immediately appear to be eligible.
For more information contact the NZFC